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The Birmingham Half Marathon October 2018

Since June we have had fantastic support from eager fundraisers, many being Will’s family and friends eager to ensure The William Mills Foundation will be a worthy legacy for Will.

Following the Three Peaks adventure the next mission on the list was the Birmingham Half Marathon! Will’s crazy Aunty Becs, two cousins (Tom and Nick) and a good friend from Wellbeck College / Newcastle University (Alex Patrick) decided to undertake the challenge! An added bonus of the day was that Alex agreed to run dressed as Elvis provided he hit his fundraising target of £500 (he raised over £600)!

It was a grey, rainy day (which unfortunately for Alex did not do well for his white lycra costume), but the team kept going all achieving fantastic times and raising an incredible amount for the Foundation! Thank-you all for your amazing efforts and contribution to The William Mills Foundation!


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