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The William Mills Foundation was founded in June 2018, following the tragic death of William Mills. In the first days following his death, Will’s family found it difficult to direct the offers of help and donations that quite naturally came from friends and family.  With an over whelming need to feel that something positive may come from Will’s death, over the weeks that followed, the William Mills Foundation moved from concept to reality.

Will was always smiling. His philosophy on life was to enjoy it and live it; he actually lit up a room when he walked in. When explaining to one of Will’s friends what we hope to achieve through The William Mills Foundation he replied, “Will was absolutely a giver and was my mentor every time I couldn’t cut it on my own, and he can still be that for these young people.”

Since 2018, we’ve been supporting vulnerable young people through educational programmes, workshops and mentorship.

We are passionate about providing young people with opportunity and pathways that they may not otherwise be able to access. Since the launch in 2018, we have had resounding success, effectively launching multiple programmes, as well as working with schools and organisations in the Worcestershire area. 

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A word from our stakeholders...

The WMF programme has changed my son's outlook on life in general. Within weeks the programme improved his behaviour at school and home, and provided him with activities he would not ever be able to attend. As a single Mum, in difficult circumstances, they have been a great support.


"In just one year, what The WMF have achieved is amazing. To have been a small part of this has been a privilege for The Bewdley School. 
The WMF vision was to give opportunities to young people which took them outside of their comfort zone, which pushed them to excel, which made them feel special and which raised their aspirations. The difference in the group by the end of the programme was palpable with so many successes that singling out one seems challenging."

The Bewdley School and Sixth Form Centre

The work that is currently been done in the local community is quite frankly incredible and we are incredibly proud and honoured to be able to support the WMF and will continue to do so. If anyone is looking for a charity to support that is doing some fantastic work, then please get in touch with them.

Andy Simmonds, CEO of Tills Direct Ltd

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