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Meet Our New WMF Trustees!

We are thrilled to introduce two new trustees to the board of the William Mills Foundation.

Jack and Cameron have been instrumental in the development and progression of the William Mills Foundation through their numerous fundraising events!

We are now delighted they are joining the Trustee team to offer their ideas and support to our programmes and fundraising events.

Jack is a recently graduated Electrical Engineer who attended university in Newcastle. He feels privileged to work with a charity so close to his heart, as he considered Will one of his best friends throughout their time together at college and university. Jack has been actively involved with the fundraising for the William Mills Foundation, namely the UK 3-Peaks Challenge and the Marathon for Mills!

Cameron first met Will whilst at college, going onto to university in Newcastle with him, he lived with Will throughout their time and considers Will as one of his greatest friends. Cameron has been involved with various fundraisers for the WMF, his favourite being the 3 Peaks Challenge and has many ideas for future fundraising initiatives.

Cameron and Jack look forward to working with all stakeholders in the future and strategising long term for the WMF!

We would like to thank them for their ongoing support and dedication to the WMF!


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